Your Feng Shui Manual For Golden Advice

Modern feng shui is actually considered as environmental design, in the sense that it gets energy from the environment to benefit us by enhancing our lives. However, to achieve maximum results, you have to learn what the basic areas are, what each of them represent and symbolize, and how to decorate each area accordingly in […]

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Feng Shui Elements – The Battle For Balance

The feng shui elements are one of the main foundations that feng shui is built upon. The five elements dictate how objects and furniture should be distributed and placed precisely around our home to attract the right type of energy we desire. Luck in wealth, love, family, careers, health, fame, children and education can all […]

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How Yin Yang Energies Control the World

The underlying concept of Yin Yang extends all cultures and religions. It is based on the universal law of duality that governs all living things in this world. Everything in life has a natural instinctive cycle that it follows. Yin yang is this cycle. For example, from the ebb and flow of the tides to […]

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