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Activating the Feng Shui Life Area of Knowledge and Wisdom

Most of the people who start aiming for a Feng Shui life within their homes or office space usually concentrate so much on improving the relationships that they have or maintaining wealth and harmony in their lives, that they often forget that education is also one aspect in life that Feng Shui can help with.

Education is not just concerned with actual studying but it also applies to gaining more knowledge and wisdom when it comes to love and life. Wisdom is needed on a daily basis so that we can make the best decisions in life.

It can be as little as choosing where to go for summer vacation or big and life-changing decisions that we might face down the road. Whatever it might be, we are all in need of more wisdom and enlightenment.

The Feng Shui life area of education, also known as the knowledge area, is located on the Southwest area of your house or office space. If you really want to improve the education and knowledge area in your life, the southwest area of your home is exactly where you should for your efforts..

Blue is a dominant color in this area. Color use in Feng Shui should not be limited to the color of the walls or the ceilings only. It should also be present in the different furniture and fixtures in the area.

When focusing on the Feng Shui life area for education and wisdom, you should make sure it’s well-lit since this is an aspect of our lives where we should be enlightened so that bright ideas will come forward.

If you have favorite teachers and mentors, you should also pay homage to them by placing photos of these people in this room. Photographs and posters of wise people throughout history are also welcome here.

Wisdom also has a lot to do with the sharpness of our minds. So in this special corner of your house, you should bring in sharp items like knives. Since this corner is concerned with education and wisdom, it will be appropriate if you can place books and other educational materials in this area.

This is also a good area to work on your meditation and bringing in calm to your mind. Allocate a little portion of the space for your meditation needs so that if you feel like you have to sit on one corner and calm your thoughts, you have a place to turn to.

The Feng Shui life area of wisdom and knowledge, there’s things you must avoid at all costs. Clutter is the number one thing that you should definitely eliminate. This just does not apply to this area, but to all the areas in your environment.

Clutter has the ability to stop the energies from moving, which will not bring in harmony and balance in your environment. Clutter will bring in confusion and clouded judgment which will contradict your efforts when trying to enhance this Feng Shui life area.

You should make every attempt to keep things clean inside this area. Dirty things symbolize a clouded mind, leaving you with unsound judgment. Another thing that you should avoid is broken or faulty appliances. Once you are faced with broken furniture, you should definitely take time out to fix it or replace it to prevent bad chi.

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