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Feng Shui – Courses by the Masters

Those who earn the title of Master are gifted and trained in the art. They dedicate their lives to the principles and teachings of feng shui, offering guidance and expertise to those who need it. People take feng shui courses to attain guidance towards the best treatments for their homes and offices in order to […]

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Your Feng Shui Manual For Golden Advice

Modern feng shui is actually considered as environmental design, in the sense that it gets energy from the environment to benefit us by enhancing our lives. However, to achieve maximum results, you have to learn what the basic areas are, what each of them represent and symbolize, and how to decorate each area accordingly in […]

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Feng Shui Design Remedies For Enhancing Your Mind

Feng shui is not just for your surroundings and environment, but it can work wonders in bringing you peace of mind and mental well being. It can help clear your mind off negative thoughts making it more conducive to actualizing your dreams and desires. It also boosts your energy, as well as bringing out your […]

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Feng Shui Tips For Attracting Love Into Your Life

For enhancing your love life, increase passion and harmony in your existing relationships or marriage, to attract more energies to find your perfect mate or just to generally attract more romance, there are many feng shui tips that can help. These feng shui tips work by creating a good balance of yin and yang-female and […]

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Feng Shui Home Decorating For Modern Living

As with Eastern Feng Shui, the front door of the house is also considered the focal point or point of reference in Western Feng Shui. However, there have been many changes in the Western art, stemming from the up and coming technology that has changed the way people live their lives. People in urban and […]

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