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Bamboo Plants Are Lucky Plants

The use of thriving green plants such as bamboo plants are ideal and common cures for use in feng shui.

Not only are they great living things that don’t require a lot of maintenance, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and help to clear the air of toxins and pollution as all common houseplants do, but these particular plants also bring luck to their owners or anyone who is around them often enough.

These peaceful plants are hardy, flourishing and highly flexible; a great candidate for representing wealth and prosperity.

To make them even luckier in feng shui, we like to incorporate the five different elements to achieve a great balance of energies for maximum fortune effectiveness.

You then need to decide which area of your house to place it in, according to the bagua map and what type of luck you wish to enhance. Placing them in the wrong area can be disastrous to your feng shui efforts.

Above all else, bamboo plants, although hardy, need to stay in good condition. When they are in good condition, they attract good energy. When they are in poor health, they in turn attract poor energy.

If your plant at all gets sick or dies, then this will only bring you bad luck and bad fortune. If this happens, remove it straight away. The longer it is left in this state, the worse your luck can become.

Look after them well. Indirect sunlight is enough for these lush plants so they are great for keeping indoors and send them good vibes every day. Keep your bamboo plants happy. When they thrive, you thrive.

Ensure they always have fresh water up to an inch from the end of the stalks. As soon as it starts to get stale, change it. Sometimes tap water can harm these plants so mineral water is best, if possible. If this is unavailable, then tap water will do. Just keep an eye on how it goes.

Bamboo plants make great gifts for anyone and can be placed in the home, but also the office as they have the ability to relieve mental tension and attract wealth.

They will make a great addition to any office desk. But even on a desk, then need to be positioned optimally. Consult your bagua for the best positions.

Take care of your bamboo plants and they will in turn take care of you, financially.

Lin Mai is a feng shui author and enthusiast. Visit her site Way to Feng Shui to find out how to make your bamboo plants luckier using the five elements of feng shui and where to place them for greater effect.

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