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Feng Shui Classes For Knowledge and Power

Enrolling yourself in Feng Shui classes is one way of learning the art, and will surely change the way you see your entire life. You see, the energies in the environment are affecting your personal energies stored inside your bodies.

The Ancient Chinese people who developed this idea believe that change should be done first in the external then it will make its way to the internal. So, if you want to change a specific life area in your life, you have to change the corresponding space for that life area in your house or office space.

The actual application of Feng Shui ideas into reality is only one part of the equation. What you should also do to help yourself out in the quest of attracting more positive energies in your life, is to have pure intentions of your specific actions.

Making changes to your environment without conscious intention will not bring many results. Know what you’re aiming to accomplish when performing certain actions is the key to effective Feng Shui.

If you are really interested in learning as much as you can, then I suggest that you enroll yourself in some Feng Shui classes. Or even learn at your own pace by following a guide book and learn how use it correctly in your very own home and in your own time to reap the huge benefits it has offer our lives.

You will save a lot of money by teaching yourself rather than hiring a consultant. Plus, your knowledge will always be with you, even when your wallet or purse is empty, you will know what to do to help make it full again without paying a single penny.

If you have the time to devote to going out and are willing to meet new people in order to learn more, joining groups may be the answer for you. To see what places are offering Feng Shui classes, you can do your own research and ask around your community.

The local college can possibly have a course about this subject. If your local community has a Feng Shui club then you can sign up and be a member of it so that you will learn more about the practice.

If you can’t find Feng Shui classes available in your community and you don’t want to teach yourself, then crack open your purse or wallet. You can enlist the guidance of a master or professional and have a personal consultation with him/her so that they can impart their knowledge and expertise to you. Although generally expensive, their knowledge will be sound and it will save you a lot of time (but not money).

Alternatively, here’s a sample of what you may learn in Feng Shui classes: introduction and history, five elements, understanding of the yin and yang energies, Bagua map and its corresponding cures and general Feng Shui application that you can do to your home or office.

The Feng Shui classes will leave you with a basic understanding of how to do things the right way. Using it incorrectly can have very negative effects, it’s important to get the right guidance.

Using the Bagua map enables you to divide your living space or office space into nine areas, with each area corresponding to a specific area. The nine life areas are wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, health and family, creativity and children, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and helpful people and travel.

It is believed that if you are having troubles with one life area, you can make it better by employing Feng Shui cures to that area. Common cures can be done by hanging mirrors and crystals or by using the productive and destructive cycles.

When learning to fully understand this ancient art, you will become familiar with clutter and will see the importance of keeping it away. Clutter is public enemy number one. The best thing to keep positive energies flowing is to move the clutter away from any area in your house and make sure that all broken things are fixed.

Once you have an environment which invites positive energy, you will definitely imbibe the positive energies inside yourself. Maybe you’ll get there by taking the Feng Shui classes, paying a consultant, or even taking the journey yourself to discover how to enrich your own life. The results will bring you a happy, harmonized life and the knowledge to keep it that way.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. For more expert advice, tips or even try her online Feng Shui classes, visit www.waytofengshui.com and learn the secrets to start Feng Shui-ing your life.

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