Feng Shui Coins – The Chinese Money Magnets

In Chinese culture, coins are good fortune symbols, but even more powerful for attracting wealth and prosperity are the feng shui coins or I Ching coins.

These coins are usually gold in color, round in shape and have square holes in the center. They are often seen in groups of three tied together with a red ribbon or string in the auspicious color of red. This is what energizes them.

Making Heads or Tales of Them

The two sides of feng shui coins represent yin and yang respectively and you can distinguish which side is which by identifying the Chinese characters imprinted on them. You don’t need to know the Chinese language to do this.

If one side of the coin has a collection of four separate Chinese characters or symbols, then you are looking at the yang side. The other side is yin and has only two characters.

Feng shui coins come in sets of three for a reason. One coin represents luck from heaven, one coin luck from earth and one coin luck from man. Bound together, they create a very powerful money magnet. Now lets see how we can use these feng shui coins for attracting more money, luck and good fortune into our lives.

Attracting Fortune – At Home

As the south east corner of your house or room on a Bagua map is the wealth sector, it makes sense to hang the energized feng shui coins in this area.

You can hang them on the wall or a hook from the ribbon or string they are bound with or you can place them on a table top or under a plant for an even more powerful wealth attractor. Try to display them with the yang side facing outwards for a stronger effect.

Attracting Fortune – In your own Business

Increase your sales or profit with these energized coins by placing them in your order or sales book facing Yang side up. This will help attract more wealth energy in the form of sales and profits and ultimately resulting in more success in your business.

Many chinese retail or restaurant managers have been using this tip for years with great success. The same principle can be used for other business related books or folders such as invoice folders or customer files.

Use it where you want to increase what’s important for your business that will eventually bring you more money whether it is more sales, more customers or more higher paying customers.

If you have a physical retail store or restaurant, you can place the energized feng shui coins on your doorstep or bury nine coins all tied together under the pavement or walkway leading to your store.

You can even place them under a welcome mat. This will result in an increase in the flow of money that enters your business.

Attracting Fortune – At Work

If you work in an office, workshop or any place outside of the home where you work, you can power up the feng shui coins to work for you here also.

Secure the three energized feng shui coins to the south east side of your desk, office space, cubicle or corner of the room you work in according to the bagua map, yang side up of course. It’s a simple as that. Soon you’ll be seeing your earnings increase.

So now you know how to make these powerful symbols of wealth and prosperity work for you. Next time you’re in Chinatown or in a Chinese supermarket or in China, be sure to pick up a few of these for the home and office. You’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui to see where else you can use these feng shui coins to attract money to you.

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