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Feng Shui Crystals and Stones For Wealth, Health and Well Being

Using natural stones are a popular cure to help change your life, most of which are feng shui crystals and geodes and quartz. Here are a few examples of stones that feng shui considers very powerful in achieving chi and harmony in your life:

Citrine is a powerful healing quartz. Brown citrine makes good grounding stones, while orange ones make good balance stones. Yellow citrines are supposed to be good if concentrated on the solar plexus energies. Citrine is said to be especially lucky for business.

Yitriam is a fluorite that increases mental clarity and concentration. It is a lustrous stone in either violet, gray, red-brown, green, yellow or brown. It is good for the nourishment of relationships, so that couples have a more objective viewpoint in dealing with issues. It is also good for increasing your wealth and promoting self-confidence.

Adventurine is a green healing stone made to soothe your emotions or a troubled heart. It is also said to be good for attracting money or good luck.

Obsidian brings out one’s hidden talents. It brings you energy that causes you to work towards achieving worldly success and clears negative energies.

Another effective cure is to wear a feng shui crystal bracelet of small stones corresponding to each chakra point in your body. This will help especially if you have an ailment relating to one or many of the seven chakras. Use the following guide to determine what color stones are best for your chakra points:

  • The Crown – White, violet or clear
  • The Third Eye – Dark blue or indigo
  • The Throat – Light blue
  • The Heart – Green or pink
  • The Solar Plexus – Yellow
  • The Sacral – Orange
  • The Base – Red, gray or blac

You can also substitute semi precious stones if you have a hard time finding crystal. These will emit the same positive energy as natural feng shui crystals.

Certain stone cures or items made of stone have special meaning in the practice of feng shui. Crystals like rose quartz are considered the stone of lovers. Use this stone to attract a partner or strengthen your relationship with a loved one. To improve marital and love relationships, decorate the southwest area of your home with small stones or pebbles.

Improve your children’s health and well being by placing stones in the west corner of your living room. Earth elements like stones are most useful for this purpose.

Place small stone spheres or crystals in the northeast area of your home to improve your education, meditation and spirituality.

If you have issues relating to the past or with authority-parents, bosses, etc.-use various small stones with the following purposes: Smoky quartz releases negativity associated with the past, Azurite helps you to understand the past, Rose quartz can be used to make peace with and forgive the past.

The use of feng shui crystals and stones need not be confined with home or office decoration and ornamentation. You can also use these charms or cures as simple accessories and personal embellishments which will have the exactly same effect.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way To Feng Shui for more expert advice advice on using feng shui crystals and many other techniques inside or outside your home to change your life!

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