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Feng Shui Design Remedies to Boost Your Homes Energy

Most people confuse Feng Shui with interior design, but it goes deeper than just re-arranging furniture to make it look presentable.

Feng Shui is a practice that reinstates the belief that if your outside environment is full of positive energy and is free from clutter, then you will achieve an environment which is balanced and harmonious. This will directly affect your personal energies which also results in a positive and balanced person.

There are eight commonly used Feng Shui design remedies that you can use if you want to bring positive energy into your home. Read along and learn how you can use these cures in order to work out a particular area in your life that needs improvement.

Mirrors and light-reflecting objects

If there were a one-stop cure that can work best, it is most definitely hanging mirrors as one of the most effective Feng Shui design remedies. Mirrors attract good Feng Shui and can help resolve any design problems that you might have. Mirrors also have the capacity to get rid of bad energy and bring in energy to a place which has none.

Other light-reflecting objects like crystals can also work the same way a mirror does. If you have a bad or negative chi lounging around in an area, a crystal can help disperse it by reflecting it away.

Lights can also be used as Feng Shui design remedies. Well-lit rooms will surely make you feel more energized. Light can stimulate energy and move the chi in other directions.

Wind chimes

Sounds can also help in redirecting the flow of chi. If you have fast-moving chi, sounds can help you slow it down or if you have a stagnant chi, sounds can help it get moving.

If you want to use sounds, you can use wind chimes or bells in the problematic area that you want to fix.

Living things

Adding living things like live plants, aquariums and flowers to your home have the ability to nourish chi and lift energies. If you want to put relaxation into a room, you must bring in living things.

Bamboo flutes

These flutes have the ability to direct chi upwards and at the same time they symbolize peace and harmony.

Moving and flowing objects

Water fountains or other objects which are in motion symbolizes wealth and mobilizes positive chi. At the same time, these objects are helpful in neutralizing chi which are leaning towards the negative side.

Heavy items

Heavy objects have the ability to stabilize and control the energy in a given space. They’re great Feng Shui design remedies to use in your home if you are suffering from an unsteady career or relationship, a heavy object like a statue or rocks can be very helpful in stabalizing and supporting you.

Objects that make use of energy

Electrical objects can also help in adding energy to a room. Computers should be placed in the career or wealth section of your house to bring in more success.


Colors are also very popular and effective Feng Shui design remedies in any given area or space. Be imaginative and creative when it comes to color. Don’t just paint your walls with flat color, you can display artwork or place colorful decorations symbolizing powerful Feng Shui elements.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. For more life-changing tips and expert advice on Feng Shui design remedies, cures and more, visit www.waytofengshui.com.

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