Feng Shui Mirrors and the Secret Power of Reflections

Mirrors in the home, can be used for more than just checking on your appearance. In feng shui, mirrors can actually reflect (double) or deflect (transfer) energy around your home.

They are a powerful tool for problem areas, as you can shift bad energy straight out of your house with the right placement, but even more powerful than that, they can increase the positive energy of something reflected positively in it and if placed in the right position, making it a valuable tool in your feng shui arsenal.

Bouncing the Bad Energy

If you think of a room’s energy as a ray of light and the mirror as a reflective surface, you can see how effective it can be to have a mirror placed in the right position. You need to have the source of the shar chi or bad energy (problem area) captured in the reflection of the mirror, but also where you want to send it.

Make sure the mirror also reflects a clear course out of your home through a door (not the main door) or a window so that it will bounce the negative energy away from you.

Never have a mirror reflect the master bedroom or the toilets in your home, as these are inauspicious placements for feng shui. Mirrors that reflect the bed, will show an opportunity to cheat as the mirror reflects the number of people in the relationship.

If a mirror reflects a toilet, it will be seen as your hopes being flushed away or even your money depending on which part of the home your toilet is in.

Mirrors can give the illusion of open spaces where there are none and even walls or corners of buildings can seem to be removed. A much cheaper alternative to actually removing problem structures.

Large mirrors are much better than smaller ones as they have more emphasis on the reflection and never use mirror tiles as this tends to distort reflections creating bad chi.

Also remember, that in feng shui, mirrors aren’t the only things that reflect. For example, your TV screen or computer monitor can also act as a mirror and should be treated the same way.

Also, it is important that you never ‘cut off’ a person’s head with a mirrors reflection. Make sure that all mirrors in the house are positioned higher than the tallest member of the household so that their head is always in view of the mirror. Cutting off a person’s head in this way is very inauspicious for that person.

Doubling the Wealth

In feng shui, mirrors are excellent in the dining room. Having a wall to wall mirror in the dining room will not only reflect the food on the table representing that you will always have more than enough to eat, but it can also reflect the relationships between all who eat there.

If you have this setup, make sure you regularly use your dining room for family dinners as this will reflect an abundance in health and wealth for the family. Convex mirrors are excellent for this room also as they reflect the entire room and disperse good energy.

In feng shui, mirrors can be used for doubling the wealth of a business, a person or family if positioned correctly. If you own a shop for example and have a cash register, placing a mirror on the wall beside it will essentially reflect or double your profit. Similarly, if you have a personal savings box or money box in your home, a mirror reflecting this will increase your savings.

Be careful that you don’t reflect the doorway or entrance to the room in the same mirror as your money box or cash register, as this will show the exit of your money out the door. It is also advisable to hide your cash register from view from the outside, both for feng shui purposes and for the safety of your business.

When using feng shui mirrors, as always keep that positive attitude when you’re visualizing your financial goals while you reflect any money coming to you. If positioned correctly and energized with your positive energy, you should see double your turnover in no time.

In feng shui, mirrors are an extremely attainable and powerful tool, use them wisely.

Lin Mai is a feng shui enthusiast and author. Visit Way to Feng Shui for a closer look into feng shui mirrors and other objects that can bring you more money and luck.

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