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Feng Shui Remedies – The Power of Wind Chimes

One of the most effective Feng Shui remedies are wind chimes, and they play a very important role when used to enhance areas of your home. It’s a hugely popular Feng Shui cure which can be placed in anywhere to add a certain air of nature in your house. It represents being one with nature and brings in a distinct sound each time the wind blows.

Different areas in your home can have them but you shouldn’t put them all over your house. Learn to keep it to a minimum and concentrate only in areas where you think you need lots to improve on.

The best thing that you can do is to think of the problem areas in your life, pinpoint which areas in your house corresponds to it and place them there. Using Feng Shui remedies like wind chimes posses the ability to bring harmony into the specific life areas that they’re placed in, in your home.

The main reason why they’re are a favorite Feng Shui cure is that the sound that it makes helps the energies to get moving. So if you have bad energy in a given room, you can use their sound to help disperse it Also, if you have a room or space which has stagnant energy, the chimes can help bring the energies back to life and get them moving.

When choosing the size of wind chimes to hang in a room or space, you should also take into account the size of the area where you want to hang it. Keep in mind that the bigger the area, the bigger the wind chime needed so always remember to keep all Feng Shui remedies in general (wind chimes in particular) in good proportion to the space they’re being placed in.

Problem areas where these Feng Shui remedies would be most effective would be, for example, if the street your house on leads straight to your front door, and your house faces down the street. This scenario will make the energies in your house to move freely out of your house, which we don’t want.

In order to stop the rush of outside energy to your house, you can place wind chimes in your front door to help you fix this problem, it will slow the energy down and keep more of it inside your home where it’s supposed to be.

Obviously for indoor use, smaller ones are recommended. They also give off a sense of protection for all the people living in a given space. If you are faced with a cluttered room, hanging them above it can help remove the stagnant energies that can be trapped in this area.

Contrary to popular belief, wind chimes come in different materials and sizes. Metal wind chimes are the generally regarded as the best because they create a very pleasing, soothing sound, but it ‘s completely up to you which ones you should put up, and what sounds soothing and harmonious to you.

I don’t recommended hanging them in office areas because it can be a source of distraction among your co-workers. When using Feng Shui remedies like wind chimes, it’s best to keep them in your home. Your living space will be ideal and will definitely benefit the most from using them.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. Visit Way To Feng Shui for more expert advice on using Feng Shui remedies such as wind chimes, and many more effective cures for enhancing energy inside your home.

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