Outdoor Fountains and the Flow of Wealth Energy in Your Garden

In feng shui, the energy surrounding your house is just as influential on the home and people in it, as the energy in the dwelling. This is something we sometimes forget to address.

The energy flow of your garden can be active and dynamic or slow and blocked. This can influence the quality of life for you and your family.

The energy in your garden needs to flow freely, but take heed that if it flows too fast, this can cause turbulence in your surroundings.

Your garden and you may benefit from introducing outdoor fountains or ponds to your yard, as water is associated with prosperity and wealth luck. Your garden and your family will also benefit from the peacefulness and relaxation that a fountain or pond can provide.

The water element is also used to control the flow of chi so it can aid in increasing the speed of flow of the energy of your garden or slow it down. Whether you want a pond, outdoor water fountain or a waterfall, you need to place it in the right area of the garden to get the most benefit.

Let’s focus on the outdoor fountains as these are the easiest to setup and maintain, as opposed to ponds and waterfalls.

This is a very important point when choosing an outdoor water fountain: make sure your fountain is in a good proportion to your house.

Too small in proportion and it will be weak and make you feel weak and vulnerable. You will always feel like you don’t have enough energy yourself, constantly feeling lethargic.

In contrast outdoor fountains that are too large in proportion to the house can make you feel very overwhelmed. You may even have the feeling like you’re drowning or suffocating trying to keep up.

This can also affect your career progress. A good-sized water fountain, not the same size mind you, but in relation to the house will provide the best balance of energy.

It is best to place the fountain in either the career, family or wealth areas of your garden according to the bagua map. This will depend on which area you want to attract luck energy too.

Outdoor fountains are also ideally placed in a position that allows the water to flow towards the direction of the house, not away from it as the water should symbolize money coming in to the house.

Lin Mai is a feng shui author and enthusiast. To find out where else you could place outdoor fountains for the best chances of prosperity luck, visit her site, Way to Feng Shui.

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