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The Best Feng Shui Colors For Home

To decide the best Feng Shui colors for home, we have to examine several factors, as different colors will have different impacts. For this article, we will discuss the concept of the yin and yang energies and how it will affect your choice of Feng Shui colors.

Ying energy is said to be the passive energy. It brings about a dreamy effect on a person. Conversely, yang energy is considered to be the active energy, which is said to be able to bring about passion in your mind.

Ying colors are the colors that will induce relaxation and healing effects. It will give you a laid back feeling if your house is filled with Ying colors. However, if you are planning to do some office work and you do not want your children to be too laid back in their studies, the color scheme of your house should comprise of some yang colors to neutralize the effect of the dreaminess.

The following Ying colors have different attributes that you can consider to include in the decoration of your house.


The color blue has a smoothing and calming effect on your mind. It also has a healing effect on your mind and body, which is why this color is so significant in Feng Shui. The color blue also symbolizes peace and trust.

As blue is also the color of the sky and the sea, your imagination can easily take flight in a room filled with blue color. Thereby, it is best to have blue as the color of your bedroom, as it relaxes and calms your mind, allowing you to sleep peacefully.


In Feng Shui, the color black represents money and income. Therefore, it is thought to bring about good fortune. Combining the use of black color with metal will be exceptionally good for your career. A simple advice is to use simple black metallic tools such as pens and mobile phone covers.


In Feng Shui, purple symbolize spiritual awareness. This color is often used for mental and physical healing as it has an awesome effect of healing. Hence, in order to maintain good health, you may want to include some purple objects in the decoration of your house.


This color is a sign of poise, confidence and purity. Many people paint their house white because it is very easy to match with other colors. Matching white color with silver and gold color will create a very laid back and calming atmosphere.

The Yang colors consist of the more intense color such as yellow, orange and red. These colors represent positive energy and provide you with the enthusiasm and the motivation to do something. The 2 colors listed below might be of some help to you.


In Feng Shui, yellow is said to be an auspicious color. It represents warmth, cheerfulness and friendliness. If you feel that the atmosphere of your house is too laid back, you can use some yellow objects to nullify the effect of the laziness.


Orange is a color that provides intense Yang energy, so much so that it has the ability to boast your concentration. If you are always procrastinating in your work and are not able to keep your focus on your work, orange is the color that will spur you on.

Now that you know the different elements of the Ying and Yang colors, you can now decorate your house with the appropriate colors that will help you obtain your desired atmosphere. The main point you must take note of is that in order to find the best Feng Shui colors for home, you must first decide on what you want the atmosphere of the house to be, as well as the effects you want to obtain from these colors.

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