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The Feng Shui Manual – Insider Info

A feng shui manual is especially helpful to get the most out of your efforts and reap the rewards it’ll bring. The guide will take you on a crash course on what feng shui is all about, it’s history and background, as well as in depth instruction on the many different ways you can use it to enhance any area of your life.

Feng Shui which is pronounced “fung shway” literally means “wind and water”. It is both an art and science which originated from China thousands of years ago. It’s an age-old practice which adheres to the belief that the energies located inside our bodies and our life energies are greatly affected by the energies found in our environment.

The end goal is to achieve balance and harmony among all the energies. This is done through re-arrangement and positioning of things in our environment so that the energy flow will move in favor of our intentions.

Some people might think that it’s greatly concerned with interior decoration and re-arrangement of furniture, but it’s much more than that. Key principles dictate that we must put our environment in balance and harmony so that we can attain the same for our personal lives.

Another thing that a feng shui manual will provide is the different tips that we can follow so that we can have an environment where positive energy is primarily attracted to.

It is also important that this energy can freely move. This is achieved through re-arrangement of furniture or bringing in different cures in an area of our house which corresponds to the area in our life that we want to improve.

The feng shui manual will provide you with concrete tips and ideas on what to do so that we can improve a specific area in our life. Usually, the cures are divided into different areas in our life, these are:

  • wealth and prosperity
  • fame and reputation
  • love and marriage
  • health and family
  • creativity and children
  • knowledge and self-cultivation
  • career and helpful people
  • travel

It’ll provide you with an in-depth discussion of all these areas with corresponding feng shui cures for each.

Hiring an expert or a professional can be expensive but is very helpful, especially if you want to employ authentic techniques in your house or office space. But if hiring one is not an option, then the next best idea is a feng shui manual.

It’ll tell you the same things that an expert will tell you but of course, the application and interpretation of things are all left in your own imagination and understanding.

There’s a lot of ways this ancient art can be used benefit your life. It’s been practiced for over 7,000 years, which shows you how successful and effective it can really be.

Sometimes we get so caught up with the emerging technologies which promise to make our lives better and more fulfilling. But there are times when we have to look back to history and go down the path of tradition to look for proven answers; and this is exactly what a Feng Shui manual will help you to do, to learn to use it correctly and to it’s full potential and reap the huge benefits in our life.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. She owns and maintains Way To Feng Shui where you can find her entire feng shui manual for uncovering amazing secrets you can use right now to enhance your life.

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