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The Jade Plant and Braided Pachira Money Trees

Money trees are what we call particular trees that are well looked after and placed ideally, that encourage prosperity and wealth luck.

In feng shui there are trees in particular that are more auspicious than others. These trees are the jade plant and braided pachira tree.

Jade plants have leaves that resemble jade, hence its name. These leaves are succulent, thick and green. They also look a little like small round green coins, which also make them great little money trees.

The jade plant is so termed a money plant because of its leaves that resemble the precious gemstone of Asia. There, jade is highly valued as being a fortunate and auspicious stone.

The braided pachira is often the more common money tree. It’s also quite a unique tree to look at. The stalk of the tree is sectioned into four to seven segments and actually interwoven together or “braided”.

In contrast to the jade plant, the leaves of the braided pachira are longer and thinner, although also green in color.

A truly lucky braided pachira is one which is braided from five sections and contains stalks each containing five leaves. The number five represents the balance of the five elemental energies of earth, fire, water, wood and metal in feng shui.

These beautiful money trees can be made even luckier by incorporating these five elements into its display.

It then needs to be placed in particular areas of a room that are conducive to the certain type of luck you wish to attract.

They can be placed in any room of your house except the bedrooms. They also make great additions to the décor of a work place, study or office desk.

These plants also make excellent gifts. Whoever is lucky enough to receive one of these as a present will be essentially receiving the gift of wealth. Giving someone a money tree is really giving someone a gift that just keeps on giving.

Both these plants need to be well looked after and maintained. This shouldn’t be difficult as they are quite hardy plants to keep. Give the jade plant or braided pachira plenty of sunshine and make sure you don’t over-water them.

A sick or dying money tree has the opposite effect of drawing bad luck and misfortune to it, so make sure these trees are happy and healthy at all times. A happy, flourishing money tree means your bank account will also flourish.

Lin Mai is a feng shui author and enthusiast. Visit her website Way to Feng Shui and learn how to make your jade plant or braided pachira even luckier and where to place it for optimum wealth luck.

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