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Modern feng shui is actually considered as environmental design, in the sense that it gets energy from the environment to benefit us by enhancing our lives.

However, to achieve maximum results, you have to learn what the basic areas are, what each of them represent and symbolize, and how to decorate each area accordingly in your home, office or garden, which is where a feng shui manual proves to be very helpful.

The design aspect of feng shui has been studied thoroughly and cataloged by masters from thousands of years ago. These design experts made sure to pay utmost attention to what kinds of layouts promote harmony in people’s lives.

They researched and observed thousands of homes and found each element in every home that they felt worked well in benefiting the occupants of the house and have documented many findings that can be found in feng shui manuals of today.

The job of a design expert or master is to make sure that your home or office is conducive to relaxation and work accordingly. They go by rules to ensure that balance and harmony are attained.

Most people who make use of this ancient art end up surprised at how incorporating these principles bring about such positive impact in their lives.

Feng shui teaches you how to arrange and design your space and environment to attract and provide you with the right balance and harmony. Simple things like positioning your desk at a certain angle can be an indication of how much chi and harmony you can feel in that space.

In more depth, the details of such actions show an integration of the five elements-earth, wind, water, fire, wood-and yin-yang forces to harness the energy of the environment.

Both space and user are analyzed, and knowledge of the user’s personal cosmic energy field is analyzed. Your cosmic flow, the effect that your physical environment has on you and how this melds together is also taken into account.

Having a feng shui manual in hand will help you follow the right way to balance these elements. The correct guidance you need to rearrange your home or office (or any other environment, for that fact) so that they achieve and attain balance, rather than excess. This comes in handy with respect to the use of cures-remember that too much of something will tend to yield bad results rather than good ones.

Bagua wheels are also used heavily when considering the design of a feng shui friendly home. This might seem a little unusual for Western design, which sees home ornamentation and decor as just a way of supplementing the visual aspect of a space.

In many cases, it is an extremely valuable tool and your feng shui manual to tell you how to use the bagua map (or the compass method) to determine where things should be placed in your home and also what should be placed in your home for maximum benefits of the area it is targeting, while minimizing or eliminating its negative energy.

Many think that to employ these techniques in your home, you have to go through great lengths like completely rearranging furniture and renovating your home.

This might be a little hard to deal with, especially if the instruction and direction is coming from some “mystical” feng shui expert. Many forget that it’s meant to be practical, and that there is in fact, a very practical side to it, which can be learned and kept at your side as a reference in the form of your feng shui manual.

In it’s simplest form, it’s setting aside places in your home, each assigned to a specific purpose or goal and enhancing that area using the correct feng shui principles.

Lin Mai is a Feng Shui enthusiast. She owns and maintains Way To Feng Shui where you can find her entire feng shui manual for uncovering amazing secrets you can use right now to enhance your life.

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